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mykarate.org™, IKKIK & ASKF,founded by Late Shihan T.Pandiraj & Co-Founded by Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj with an aim to promote and develop the Karate, Sports, Health and Fitness Education in India.


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Your training will be led by a mykarate.org™ - one of the World's best karate training institute. Our mykarate.org™ go through a comprehensive good disciplined training and approved certification!


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Admission is now open. Anyone over the age of 4 years & above who is living in the India can join.


Information for Parents

Tips to check Karate Trainers ability

Information for Trainers

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Information for Students

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Powered by All India Shorinji-Ryu Karate Federation & Isshin Kai Kan Institute of Karate

Institute Aim


Our Main aim is to develop our students through physical conditioning, flexibility, coordination skills, self-confidence through achievement and goal setting, self-discipline, concentration skills, self-respect for ourselves and others and confidence through the practice of self-defense skills.

Institute Motto


The motto of our institute is ‘WE CARE FOR STUDENTS FUTURE’. This reflects that parents are allowing us to teach karate training for their child. As a teacher, we will take care of each students future and excel in their careers.

Institute Value & Quality

Value & Quality

Parents/Visitors choose our brand for Karate training based on the near by recommendation/through ads which will be rewarded with through best training with our instructors. Incase, negative feedback received from the parents or visitors or students about the trainers which leads to termination or change of instructors.


Membership Application form State/District Style Chief

Instructor/Masters/School teachers having good knowledge in karate or martial arts can join in MYKARATE.ORG™ powered by All India Shorinji-Ryu Karate Federation & Isshin Kai Kan Institute of Karate and State/district style chief may allowed to have state affiliation from Admin Office. In such cases permission may be granted to form STATE/DISTRICT body in that particular state.