• Kerala, India
  • Referee Camp, India
  • Special Training,Japan

About Institute

History of our Institute

Isshin Kai Kan Institute of Karate-IKKIK has been established in 1927 which is headed by Soke Jiro Ogasawara. Now IKKIK under supervision of Soke T. Ogasawara (Japan) and Dr.Thomas Cauley (USA). In India headed by Late Shihan T.Pandiraj after his death Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj appointed as Chief Instructor and Director for IKKIK. He always follow the instruction from Japan hombu dojo and he started to develop IKKIK Karate research institute and our institute main aims is to develop all students and students will be trained physically, Mentally in form of Practical and theoretically under Isshin Kai Kan Institute of Karate.

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